Holding the government accountable for the decision it makes.

Sonia Furstenau and Adam Olsen for the BC Green Caucus


In 2017 the BC Greens achieved a historic breakthrough, electing the first recognized Green Caucus after receiving almost 20% of the provincial vote. Shortly after the election, the BC Greens signed the historic 2017 Confidence and Supply Agreement with the BC NDP to form the province’s first minority government since 1953.

In 2020, a snap election was called and the Confidence and Supply Agreement ended.

The BC Greens remain an opposition party, tasked with holding the government accountable for the decision it makes.


The BC Greens have seen countless priorities accomplished, including:


Property Law Amendment Act

Anti Racism Data

Low Carbon Fuels Act

Money Laundering Inquiry

June 2022 – Cullen Commission report on money laundering released.

Tabling of the Report of the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act report

Question of Privilege raised concerning FOI legislation


Basic Income

2021 –expert panel’s recommendations released.

Wildlife Amendment Act enshrining Indigenous hunting rights


Appointment of Innovation Commissioner

2020 – Commissioner’s report released.

Emerging Economy Task Force

Report released March 2020.


Amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act

Amendment introduced 2019.

Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA)

Unveiled October 2019.

Money Laundering Inquiry

2019 – MLAs ask questions in Question Period, launch a petition demanding a public inquiry.


Actions to protect Wild Salmon

Work done throughout 2018.

Action on Housing

Report released for Budget 2018.

Basic Income

2018 – fought successfully for basic income pilot under CASA.

Clean BC

Announced 2018.

Professional Governance


Appointment of Innovation Commissioner

2017 – Establishing Innovative Commissioner formed part of CASA.

Ban Big Money

Part of election promise + CASA 2017.

Fair Wage Commission

  • Commission established October 2017.
  • BC Greens negotiated it into CASA 2017.

Universal Childcare

  • 2017 CASA commitment.
  • Work ongoing.

Proposing tangible solutions to our province’s most pressing issues.

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