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BC Green leader calls for transformative approach to Budget 2024

February 16, 2024
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February 16, 2024

VICTORIA, B.C. – In anticipation of the 2024 Budget, BC Green Leader Sonia Furstenau is calling for a transformative approach.

“This budget isn’t just about numbers on a page. It’s about real people – like the young people struggling to afford rent, the families scraping to buy their first homes, or the grandparents wondering if they’ll get the healthcare they need down the line. Our budget should be about making life in B.C. better for every generation,” said Furstenau.

“Our investments today need to also be investments in a better future. Many British Columbians feel the BC NDP is failing on both counts. Despite promises, life isn’t more affordable, and there’s no clear plan. Under the BC NDP, the budget has doubled to $80 billion. This isn’t inherently bad, but we are not seeing the results.

“There is a growing inequality in our province which requires a shift in budget priorities. B.C. is home to seven billionaires, yet over half the province is just $200 a month away from being unable to pay their bills, and over 10,000 people are unhoused. 

“As we deal with the dual crisis of climate change and inequality, we can’t keep spending money on growing the gaps even wider. Continuing to prop up industries like LNG is not just bad for the climate and our environment – it’s bad for affordability. 

“The budget is an opportunity for change and the bridging of generations. We want to see this government use our shared resources to provide affordable homes, non-discriminatory healthcare, and the restoration of a thriving environment for our children and grandchildren. This means reducing subsidies for fossil fuels and increasing investments in health, housing, and the environment. This isn’t just investment; it’s a promise to our future.”


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